Oblivion Clock
Virulent Music / Duplicate Records 2012/15
1. Oblivion Clock 2. Inverted Escape 3. The Pull Of The Crater 4. Gaslight Exit
5. Saturday Night Virus 6. Seen In The Sediments 7. Shutout

oblivion clock


The Agent That Shapes The Desert
LP (sold out)
Virulent Music / Duplicate Records 2011

1. The Agent That Shapes The Desert 2. Continental Drift 3. Chromium Sun 4. Red Desert Sand 5. Intermission: Furnace Creek
6. Dead Cities Of Syria 7. Where The Flame Resides 8. Parched Rapids 9. Call Of The Tuskers
Bonus 7"EP (white vinyl, came with Fan Edition, ltd. 250):
1. Shutout 2. Seen In The Sediments
The first pressing of the LP was limited to 500 copies and is sold out. A second pressing is in the planning stages.


The Black Flux
Season Of Mist 2008
Virulent Music / Duplicate Records 2013

1. Stalkers Of The Drift 2. As Virulent As You 3. Archives 4. The Black Flux 5. Intermission: Ocean Highway
6. Inward Bound 7. Lost Peacocks 8. Shame Eclipse 9. Strange Calm



CD (sold out)
Jester Records 2003 / Othal Productions 2008
(sold out)

Virulent Music / Duplicate Records 2010
1. Something Furry This Way Comes 2. Carheart 3. Queen Of The Hi-Ace 4. Road 5. Gum Meet Mother
6. Dogs With Wheels 7. It's All Gone Weird 8. Kennel Crash Recovery 9. Hustler 10. Bandit 11. Be Elevator

The CD has been released by two different labels with alternating logos.
LP has Bandit as track 6 and is a limited edition of 500.


Demo 2000
3"CDr (sold out)
Luchtrat Records 2009
1. It's All Gone Weird 2. Carheart 3. Gum Meet Mother 4. Sex And Violence

Limited to 66 copies with a silver logo print & 6 copies with a golden logo print. 
Comes packed on a wooden base, wrapped in leather & with transparent insert.